Merit Scholarships for International Students

Recognizing and celebrating the leaders of tomorrow

International Students

Merit Scholarships

Provost's Scholarship

Up to $15,000 (USD)

With their unique backgrounds and perspectives, international students contribute to the global living and learning environment at Wells College. To support international students in their pursuit of higher education in the United States, Wells College considers every international applicant for a scholarship to contribute towards the cost of attending. Provost’s Scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s academic record.

Global Leadership Awards


Global Leadership Awards are granted to students who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities and outstanding service to their local communities outside of the classroom. In addition to the Provost’s Scholarship (outlined above), students who are chosen for the Global Leadership Award will be awarded $2,000 (USD).

Canadian Provincial Scholarships​


Canadian Provincial Scholarships are awarded to students from Canada with a cumulative academic standing of 85 or higher. In addition to the Provost’s Scholarship (outlined above), students who qualify for the Canadian Provincial Scholarship will receive $2,000 (USD).