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Being able to create my own internship studying insect biodiversity in a newly established pollinator garden at Long Point State Park kickstarted my networking with NYS Parks. Nothing was handed to me, but I had the resources and faculty support I needed to forge my way to where I wanted to be.

    Stephanie Minarik ’20
    Stephanie Minarik ’20

    Environmental Science & Biology

    American Hart’s-Tongue Fern Crew Lead with NYS Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation


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    Admissions Team

    Gerard Turbide Headshot

    Gerard Turbide

    Vice President for Enrollment Services
    Office:(315) 364-3264

    Lisa Searle

    Director of Recruitment
    Office:(315) 291-8886

    Laura Burns Headshot

    Laura Burns

    Director of Financial Aid
    Office: (315) 364-3289

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    Tara Ruckh

    Associate Director of Athletics
    Office: (315) 364-3421

    Linda Galbato

    Director of the Center for Academic and Career Advising
    Office: (315) 364-3225

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    Susan Henking

    Vice President, Academic & Student Affairs
    Office: (315) 364-3311

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    Karey Pine

    Associate VP for Academic and Student Affairs